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Each box comes loaded with premium flies, fly fishing accessories and more, $30+ in value! Each month is different and geared toward species and current season. Postfly members also get automatic discounts up to 15% in our store, where you can find great brands like Cheeky Reels, Tacky Fly Fishing and more.

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"I don't typically buy my own flies, but when I do, it's from Postfly."

- J. Kimmel

Member since 2015

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"It’s kind of like Blue Apron, but instead of shipping you recipes and ingredients for meals, the company sends you fly recipes and materials for fish... the real perks of a Postfly subscription are convenience and inspiration. It really has prompted me to shake off the cobwebs and learn some new patterns, which I can always revisit and tie more of, if I like how they work."

Kirk Deeter

Editor, Field & Stream
The Flies
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Postfly Flat Fishing

"I don't get excited about much, but I almost pee myself when my Postfly Box shows up. Truely the bright side of every month. I kiss my wife extra when the box shows up. Thanks Postfly, your biggest fan!"

Curtis Reed
Member since '17
Postfly Flat Fishing

"High end product, high end service. Built around GREAT customer service by people who live to fish like us. Continually growing and offering the best. If you fly fish, don't be shy!"

Tyler Potts
Member since '16
Postfly Flat Fishing

"You guys have great gear, flies, and just about anything I need to get back out on the water as soon as I can. Because of Postfly I've been going out and fishing a lot more. Thank you guys for helping me get out on the water without breaking the bank."

Logan Dunlap
Member since '15

I love getting the monthly subscription with the option to change fish type month-to-month depending on what kind of trip I’m going on. Once they sent my dad a box with a big streamer missing, but when I contacted them, they mailed him 5 of those streamers, sick stickers and more - no q’s asked. I always look forward to my boxes every month!

Chris Davila